Orange 5" x 100' Industrial Rubber Hose (Storz Couplings)

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    Weight: 130.00 Lbs

    • Hose Size - 5.0 inches
    • Hose Length - 100 feet
    • Couplings - Locking Aluminum 5.0 inch Storz
    • Connecting Type - Sexless
    • Hose Type - Nitrile / PVC Through-The-Weave
    • Color - Orange
    • Weight Per Foot - .74 pounds
    • Approximate Width Laying Flat - 7.75 inches
    • Warranty - 1 Year
    • Service Pressure - 200 PSI
    • Proof Test Pressure - 400 PSI
    • Burst Test Pressure - 600 PSI
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    Our rubber covered lay flat hose is a synthetic, single-jacket hose with a nitrile/PVC rubber lining and cover. The outside jacket offers superior resistance to acids, alkalis, oils, gasoline and ozone.

    Not intended for firefighting!


    • Heavy-Duty Industrial Use

    Test Ratings (Water Only With Storz Couplings)

    • Service Pressure (A 3-minute hydrostatic test conducted by users on in-service hose to determine suitability for continued service)
    • Proof Test Pressure (A pressure equal to a least two times the service test pressure)
    • PSI Burst Test Pressure

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    5" Hose Storz Couplings

    • Inside diameter of a storz coupling tabs or flanges - 5 13/16 inches (148mm)

    Storz is a type of hose coupling that connects using interlocking hooks and flanges. Amongst other uses, it has been widely employed on fire hoses in firefighting applications.

    Most Storz connectors are usually made of aluminum. It is sometimes referred to as a sexless coupling, because rather than having a male and a female end connected by screw threads, either identical end can be joined to any other end of the same diameter. This is also called hermaphroditic or two-way connection. To couple a Storz connection, the two opposing couplings are pressed together such that the hooks of each one are inserted into the slots in the flange of the other. Then they are rotated in opposite directions until they are tight, or latches engage. This creates a water-tight connection between the internal packing gaskets. To uncouple them, the latches are released and the connectors are turned in the opposite directions from coupling, and then separated when the hooks and slots are aligned. Special Storz wrenches are designed for assisting with use of Storz connectors.

    The main benefit to using Storz couplings is speed of hose connection, as a hose can be locked with a quarter-turn. By comparison, locking hoses using threaded couplings often takes several turns. Because of this, Storz couplings are widely viewed as a safer alternative to using threaded couplings. A secondary benefit over threaded couplings is that the connecting faces and hooks are less prone to damage if the coupling is dropped on to, or dragged over, a hard surface.

    Any hose found to be defective due to materials and / or workmanship shall be replaced at no charge up to one year. In general, hose warranties cover manufacturing defects leading to hose failure. Wear through and abuse are not covered by warranty.