White 1 1/2" x 50' Pin Rack Hose (Brass NH Couplings)

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    Weight: 8.00 Lbs

    • Hose Size - 1.5 inches (Inside Diameter)
    • Hose Length - 50 feet (Approximately)
    • Male Coupling - Brass 1.5 inch NH / NST
    • Swivel Female Coupling - Brass 1.5 inch NH / NST
    • The Female Coupling Will Only Connect To A Male 1.5 NH / NST
    • Compatible Nozzle - 1.5 inch NH / NST only
    • Hose Type - Polyester Single Jacket (Mildew Resistant)
    • Color - White
    • Liner - PU Liner
    • Approximate Width Laying Flat - 2.5 inches
    • Service Pressure - 250 PSI
    • Proof Test Pressure - 500 PSI
    • Pre-folded for ease of installation
    • FM Approved Standard

    Pin Rack Hose. 1 1/2" all polyester single jacket fire hose specifically designed for interior fire fighting use, pin racks, and/or fire cabinets in buildings and plants. NFPA 1961 standards shall be observed in production and assembly to insure quality and durability. Includes hose and couplings only. Rack hose is also known as cabinet hose and reel hose. This product does not include rack or cabinet; includes hose with attached couplings only.

    Brass NH couplings are standard (aluminum available). Brass and aluminum female couplings have two rocker lugs. Hose comes pre-folded and is for emergency fire fighting only.

    This hose is not for wash-down duties or any other multi-use application; please see our single jacket, double jacket or rubber covered hose for other applications.

    Due to dated nature of this hose returns are not accepted on this product.


    • Interior firefighting
    • Apartment buildings
    • Office buildings
    • Manufacturing Plants

    Number of Folds (Approximately)

    • 50’ – 12 folds
    • 75’ - 19 folds
    • 100’ – 25 folds
    • 125’ – 27 folds

    Test Ratings (Water Only With Expansion Ring Couplings)

    • Service Pressure (A 3-minute hydrostatic test conducted by users on in-service hose to determine suitability for continued service)
    • Proof Test Pressure (A pressure equal to a least two times the service test pressure)

    Download Spec Sheet

    1 1/2" Hose Male Couplings

    • Inside diameter of a male coupling - 1 1/2" inches
    • Outside diameter of a male NH / NST coupling - 1.99 inches (9 Threads per inch)
    • Outside diameter a male NPSH or NPT coupling - 1.87 inches (11.5 Threads per inch)

    Download Spec Sheet


    • The female side of a NH / NST coupling will only connect to a male NH / NST connection
    • The male side of a NH / NST coupling will only connect to a female NH / NST connection
    • The female side of a NPSH coupling will only connect to a male NPT pipe or a male NPSH connection
    • The male side of a NPSH coupling will only connect to a female NPSH connection. It will NOT thread into a female NPT pipe. For example, a male NPSH coupling will NOT thread into a female metal or pvc pipe.
    • The female side of a garden hose will only connect to a male garden hose connection.
    • The male side of a garden hose will only connect to a female garden hose connection.

    The most common thread type in use by fire departments today is NST or National Standard Thread. NST also goes by the initials NH or National Hose. It can even be referred to as NHT or National Hose Thread but NST or NH is more common these days. NH = NST

    Any hose found to be defective due to materials and / or workmanship shall be replaced at no charge up to 30 days. In general, hose warranties cover manufacturing defects leading to hose failure. Wear through and abuse are not covered by warranty.