Top Mount Hydrant Finder

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    Standard 3/8" diameter white laminar matrix fiberglass shaft with four 6" red and four 6" white highly reflective tape stripes that provide instant day and night visbility in all weather conditions and situations of heavy snow fall and seasonal vegetation overgrowth. Includes steel top mount flat bracket. The resilient 3/8" diameter white laminar matrix fiberglass shaft is attached to a heavy duty MIL SPEC zinc plated carbon steel spring mount that allows for 360 degree total flexibility. The fire hydrant marker is adaptable to most standard fire hydrants with an easy to install 5/8" diameter bolt-on steel flat mounting bracket. The fiberglass shaft is corrosion free and UV resistant. Additional Features: Shipped fully assembled, the hardware includes "flat" steel mounting bracket and the MIL SPEC spring mount. Requires no maintenance and can be left up all year round. Also it can be easily removed for seasonal use. Made in the U.S.A.